Why Hollis Academy is the Best Choice for Your Children




Reasons Why Our Learning Center Is Good For Your Children:

  • Help children to work in various groups, same and mixed abilities. (We can learn from watching others)
  • To encourage active participation amoung all children.
  • Help children make decisions, follow directions, work independently, and evaluate themselves.
  • To give children the opportunity to learn responsibility and organization.
  • To facilitate individualized learning
  • Provide individual and small groups instructions.
  • Gain more information about children.
  • To include children's interest when planning instructions.
  • Accommodate for various learning styles
  • Provide opportunities for cooperative learning experiences.
  • Provide a structure that integrates language and content learning
  • Make better use of the resources around us.

At Hollis Academy for Children your child will:

  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Play Games & Sing Songs
  • Become a Team Player
  • Be A Problem Solver
  • Strengthen All Development Domains
  • Become Independent Learners
  • Enjoy Learning
  • Possess Positive Values
  • Develop Creative Expression
  • Experience Nature
  • Obtain Healthy Living Skills

All Within A Clean and Safe Environment With Dedicated Teachers